The Comeback

April 11, 2021


Week 1

Better Habits

When life is challenging, we wonder when will things get back to normal. But God is always doing a new thing. His plans don’t just get us back to normal, they get us back to better. What you’ve been through can lead to a breakthrough, when you break into new habits.

Week 2

Better Dreams

God often calls us into His future by shaping our dreams and goals. In this message, we explore the power of surrender and how God’s will can unlock your personal vision.

Week 3

Better Direction

You cannot get to a better life without taking steps in a better direction. When you move towards God you always encounter His grace.

Week 4

Better Family

Lori Wilhite shares a message of encouragement for better family life and relationships.

Week 5

Better Days

Hope is a powerful force in our lives. Isaiah 43 declares that even when we have come through a time of loss, God is already doing a new thing. Looking forward helps you move forward.

Week 6

Better Together

The best lives are built on the best relationships. In this message we talk about the power of investing in each other. We build our best future by building each other up.